Structured Cabling Installation

Structured Cabling Installation

The structured cabling installation is an integral part of today’s modern office building and is a long-term investment directly into a building. Bradley Communications is the network installation company you can trust for all your structured cabling installations.

Today, a quality structure cabling installation is critical to the success of most businesses and organizations. It is the roadway responsible for handling all of your communications tasks including your phones, computers, printers and faxes. A well designed structured cabling installation assures you that all these mediums continue to work together smoothly, more efficiently and with reduced downtime. As voice and data traffic increase, stronger cabling pathways become essential. If your structured cabling installation isn’t sufficient, you’ll never get the performance you need. Ensure your office will encompass a quality voice and data cabling installation by choosing Bradley Communications as your network installation company.

Increase Performance with a Quality Structured Cabling Installation

A proper structured cabling installation plays a significant role in obtaining the speed and reliability of your network infrastructure. Your network infrastructure should be able to support data, voice, video and other multimedia functions now and well into the future. By building a strong, reliable network infrastructure, it will maximize the capability possible from the systems you have chosen. A poorly designed structured cabling installation will degrade your entire network performance resulting in increased network errors and slower speeds. Choose Bradley Communications, a network installation company that understands the value of a high performing structured cabling installation.

Network Infrastructure

Structured Cabling Installation Services:

  • ​Installation of copper cabling; Cat 5e, Cat6, Cat6A
  • Installation of fiber optic cabling; Single-mode, multi-mode
  • Coaxial cable wiring: RG-6, RG-59, RG-11 and hardline
  • Installation of wiring racks, cabinets and patch panels
  • Cable Trays and ladder racks
  • Phone and fax equipment installation​
  • Backbone cabling: connecting between telecommunications rooms
  • Horizontal cabling: connecting end user equipment to telecommunications rooms
  • Test and certify new and existing cabling
  • Telecom Entrance facilities and termination
  • Data Center Build-Outs
  • Network Cabling Maintenance
  • Voice blocks and patch panel installations
  • Data patch panel installations
  • Station and patch panel termination and labeling
  • Demark extensions
  • Station cabling identification, verification & certification
  • Cable pathway support

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