Moves, Adds & Changes

Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)

Most organizations experience regular moves, additions, and changes to their organizational structure as they expand and adapt to new market demands. When these changes involve moving or adding staff, changing or expanding office locations, or re-configuring workstations, cabling and telecom support is often always required.

Bradley Communications will ease the burden of IT and operations managers by helping to make these necessary network adjustments seamless. If your business is moving into a new location or is about to update their infrastructure network in an existing facility, it’s important to work with the right network installation company. There is no company better suited than Bradley Communications, servicing New Jersey since 1985!

Our experienced technicians have worked with small businesses to large corporations to successfully move hundreds of employees. Our experience has prepared us to proficiently deal with the many challenges that arise from moving, renovating or expanding your business. We offer a full range of structured cabling services and pride ourselves on delivering quality service whether its a new office network installation or moves, adds & changes to your current network.

Examples of MAC work

  • Adding or removing a workstation
  •  Adding or moving wireless access points
  • Change router/switch configurations
  • Reconfigure patch panels
  • Adding or expanding a network cabinet
  • Recabling a network or upgrading to fiber optic cabling

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