Cable Removal Services

Cable Removal Services

Miles of cabling can be found in the ceiling, floors and walls as each network infrastructure is upgraded and expanded to support additional employees and newer applications. Building owners are now focusing more attention on cable removal services, as these abandoned cables pose as a serious safety threat. These abandoned cables will act as an accelerant for fires, smoke and lethal toxic fumes. These abandoned cables can also cause expensive structural damage to the building if this network cabling is not removed. The extra cabling also creates extreme difficulty when trying to identify and service live cables. This increases the odds of removing a wrong cable and paralyzing an entire network infrastructure system.


The removal of network cabling and IT equipment often represent the greatest risk for potential service interruptions within a building. The cable removal process in a working office environment can also be very tedious and labor-intensive. As for all structured cabling services, contact a qualified, professional network installation company that offers cable removal services to ensure your employees or tenants are safe and your building is up to code.

Bradley Communications has over 30 years of experience in structured cabling and can efficiently determine what is abandoned and remove all unnecessary cabling from the premise. We will provide on-site identification and removal of abandoned communications cabling, hardware and equipment to ensure the safety of your tenants and guarantee your building remains up to code.

Cable Removal

Most buildings and data centers contain miles of abandoned cable due to expansion and remodeling. Excessive cable creates critical liabilities:

  • Code violations
  • Blocked airflow
  • Expensive structural damage
  • Difficulty in identifying and servicing live cables​​
Cable Removal Services

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